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Staycation 1.0

This post could really be titled several things.  Things including Forced Family Fun (my siblings will understand) or Payback's a B*%$#.  I realized yesterday (a quarter of a century too late) that my dad wasn't a lunatic making us do dumb stuff for a new book, he was begin a dad--a dad who wanted to have fun with his family before we all moved away.  How did I finally come to that very honest (and brutal) realization?  I became my father!!!!

So, we had big plans for Spring Break, but due to finances, those plans were put off and we decided to have a stay cation.  Andy and I thought "Why not?  We live in a vacation town!"  So, I planned a great staycation!  I wanted us to all make memories and laugh and have fun together.  I wanted there to be no electronics and no days of us all in our separate corners in the house.  I wanted to be outside playing and really laughing together.  So, on the calendar yesterday was sledding up at Molas Pass.  I finally got everyone and everything loaded up (including Baylor) and we headed up the pass.  The kids weren't excited, but I was staying positive.  We got to Molas and busted out the sleds and the snowboards and we all took a run and then they were done.  What?!?!  After much cheerleading and encouraging and some more sledding runs on my part (that ended in mommy tumbling off of the sled head over heels very literally), I decided to call it a day and let the gripers win.  Blah.  Andy tried to cheer me up saying that we had a fun day (30 minutes) and the kids tried to encourage me with the fact that they were so excited for the STAY part of the STAYcation.  Blah.  That is when I realized that my dad wasn't looney after all.  He just loved his family.

So, this morning I called my dad to apologize for making fun of his Forced Family Fun for the past three decades.  It was long overdue.

So, today we were all headed to snowboard at Purg. . .turns out I'm dropping Hays and his friend off and everyone else is enjoying their STAY.  We still have a couple more things that they're all excited about, but my Word Document Table of adventure is going up in ashes as I sit by the fire on my electronic STAYcationing.

Bah Humbug!  (But yesterday was REALLY fun!!!)


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