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Two Years Ago

So, two years ago yesterday I had decided that I'd had enough.  I was so tired of being shocked every time I saw a picture of myself and wondering if I was really that fat.  I was overweight and I felt awful both physically and emotionally.  I also felt hopeless because I had tried so many "diets" that worked wonders and then the minute I stopped "dieting" I would gain all of that weight back and then some.

So, two years ago I happened upon the Facebook page of a person I knew in college and I saw her before and after pictures--I'd never seen the before and after pictures of someone I actually knew.  It was amazing.  So, I asked her to call me and the rest is history!

I just wanted to loose weight.  I didn't realize all of the other things I had to gain--a good night's sleep (every night), a week (now two years) without a migraine, a month without an overran cyst rupturing, a day without my tummy hurting, an afternoon (especially between 3 and 5) …