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The Prayers Of Children

Andy is out of town, so it's just me and the kids. I got to tuck them in tonight and it was so precious to hear all three of my kids (unprompted) ask God to bring "Leo" home before Christmas. The cynical party of me cringed because I don't want them to be disappointed if he doesn't come before Christmas or if it doesn't happen at all, but then (by their sweet voices) I was reminded of childlike faith. I need to have their faith. I need to pray and God will give me the desires of my heart. I need to pray with faith and believe. God can bring Lionel home before Christmas if that is His plan. So, with all my heart: God, please bring Lionel home to us before Christmas!

No news. . .just a day.

I just want to whisper in Lionel's ear, "we're coming, baby, just hang on." I don't know why I'm feeling that right now. Part of me wants him to know that we're coming (the VERY selfish part), but I know that isn't a good idea at this point. We have such a long way to go and I would hate for him to be expecting us and it either take to long or not turn out the way we would like. But I just want him to feel hugged and I want him to know that he has parents somewhere loving him right now. Oh well. The day will come and he will finally know that! Until then, I'm whispering in the wind!!!

Painting is Fun!!!

Okay, so this has to do with Lionel in a very round about way!!! We are painting his room (all the boys are going to share a room---Hays and Dax's decision). . .well, if you are wondering what color the closet will be, just take a look!!!! YIKES!!!

Still Here. . .

I'm not really sure how to do this blogging thing...I don't think I'm going to use this as my public journal as so many do, I just want to use it for adoption updates for those who want to know. At this time, I don't have many updates. We are just working on our dossier. We get to do everything over again. It is coming together quickly and my prayer is that the things out of our hands (fingerprints and immigration papers and our home study) will go as quickly. I really want to bring Lionel home for Christmas!!!

As you follow our journey, please pray for Lionel. He will have a HUGE bitter-sweet transition time ahead of him. He has a dear friend in the home, Isaac, who he will miss so much and poor Isaac will be so lonely without Lionel. Please pray for both of their big hearts!

I have some pictures of Lionel from last summer. He is Maggie's age (I think), so in these pictures he is probably six. Hopefully I'll be getting some from this summer, but for no…

Braner Party of Seven?????

Well, we aren't yet. . .

Prayerfully we will be Braner Party of Seven by Christmas. We are pursuing another adoption from Rwanda. I met a wonderful boy while I was there last fall picking up Gabby. His name is Lionel (pronounced lee-o-nell). He has a wonderful personality and a great smile. There isn't much that I can say about him now. Please just pray for our family as we pursue this adoption. I will keep you posted as our journey continues (that's why I'm blogging)--and I cannot wait to be able to post more details about the process and about our son!

Kinyarwanda is the "official" language of Rwanda. The word for me to be patient is "ihangane." That is my goal for this adoption: IHANGANE and let God do His thing in His timing!!! I know that I will get anxious and I am sure that I will have crazy entries, but my prayer is that I will ihangane until Lionel is in our home!!!

Thanks for journeying with me! Thanks for praying with me and for …