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A Beautiful Day

Today was beautiful!  So, Braner Party of 7 plus Lesley and Baylor headed to Baker's Bridge.  Andy biked and the rest of us drove.  We had a blast!  The water was straight snow melt but the kids hardly noticed!  It was so much fun just being out there in the sun as a family!!  We loved it!

If They Only Knew

I want to start this post by addressing my parents.  Mom and Dad, I don't know how you did it.  I don't know how you just put your left foot in front of your right foot every day as I'm sure I went through this stage that Hays is in. . .knowing how much you loved me and watching me feel like you were against me.  I'm sorry.  Thanks for loving me more than I ever knew.  Thanks for wanting the best for me.  Thanks for sticking with me.  Your love is big and somewhere in the back of my head I knew that then, but I for sure (now more than ever) know that now!  I love you both!

IF THEY ONLY KNEW!  My heart breaks on days like these. . .days when I love Hays so so so so so so much and he thinks that I don't.  Maybe I have asked him to clean his room one too many times or maybe I have gotten on to him for fighting over the front seat in the car one too many times or maybe I have mentioned that I am thinking of taking Maggie with me to India in the fall (because he got to …

Friends & Dinosaurs

So, the fifth grade at Riverview had a great dinosaur day yesterday!  For the past couple of months, they have been studying dinosaurs (mostly because one of the teacher's has a young son who is fascinated with them. . .I can't think of a better reason)!  Each student got to pick a certain dino and learn everything he or she could about their prehistoric beast.  It was so great watching Maggie learn to love.

Today was the presentation day.  When I pulled up to the school, they had a 30 foot tall volcano built (out of black trash bags?) and it was blown up with a fan.  When you walked inside, they had projectors inside displaying all of the students' power point presentations on their dinos.  It was so fun.  Inside the school, the halls were lined with the students, their posters and their dino models that they made and painted.  That was super!  Also outside by the volcano was the students artwork from art that also had to do with their particular dino. 

It was happy and q…

Happy Birthday, Gabby!

My baby went to sleep last night and she woke up this morning a five year old little girl.  How did that happen!??!?!?!  Gabby. . .where do I even begin?  She is so wonderful!  She is sweet and loving and independent and hysterical and smart and hard headed.  I love being around her!  She is super!  So happy birthday, sweet girl!  I LOVE YOU!!!
And, it is on this day, each year, that I think about the woman who brought Gabby into this world.  I realize that April 24th was probably not the exact day that Gabby was born, but nevertheless, I think a lot about her birth mother on this day.  I pray that she is healthy and happy in Rwanda.  I pray that somehow, on some level, she knows that her baby girl is safe and happy and healthy, too.  I wish she could know, though, how amazing her daughter is.  I wish she could hear Gabby's laugh.  I wish she could see the sparkle (sometimes sweet, sometimes sassy, sometimes just flat out hard headed) in her eyes and see the smile that lights up a…

New Braids & New Puppy

We finished Gabby's braids this morning and then she and Baylor played out side for hours!  They are hysterical together!  Enjoy the pics!

Weekend Fun

Andy and I were in Denver this weekend for an adoption conference (which was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and I'll be blogging about it A LOT).  Meanwhile, Lesley had the kids and, as always, she kept this mommy in the loop with pictures!

And then today was braiding day.  We started with a cinnamon roll french braid and tomorrow we'll be putting in the extensions!  I can't wait for the final pic!


Introducing Baylor!  Our family expanded yesterday.  Baylor flew in from Kentucky (from Jake's breeder) and it has been non-stop action and smiles at our house ever since!  We love him!

Baylor?  I know.  I can't believe my dog's name is the name of the college I attended (not to mention the same name as Selina Gomez's dog), but this really is a good year to have a Baylor! :)  We tried a hundred names on him and that is the one that all of Braner Party of 7 agreed on. . .and when you can get 7 to agree, you go with it!

We love him!  (Chaco hates him!)

This is a great video!  Andy and I were out of town when Baylor flew in, so Lesley told the kids that they were going to the airport to pick up Luke.  When they got to the airport she told them who they were actually there to pick up and their reaction was priceless!  I'm so thankful she got it on video!