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Easter Super Fun

Today was the most fun Easter ever!  Up until Easter 2013, Easter 1995 was my favorite (I was going to school in England). . . my dad met me in Rome and we spent the long weekend in Athens and then back to Rome!  Wow!  But today may have surpassed that. . .that was a super long weekend, today was a super one day!!!

I headed up to Molas pass with all of the kids (except for Hays) for a little "back country" sledding and snow boarding and we laughed and laughed and laughed. . . and laughed!  It was so much fun!  They were fearless and phenomenal!

Dax was the official photographer (he took 142 pictures) for most of the three hours we were up there.  The weather was perfect.  The snow was great.  We had the time of our lives! Enjoy the pics!

Good Friday

I've always felt so weird calling today "Good Friday."  I know why it's good.  I realize that without God's Son dying for me on the cross (and raising again on Sunday) that I wouldn't be righteous enough to make it into heaven.  I know that is why we call it Good Friday.  We learned on that day what true love meant.  It was good.  But God had to turn His back on His only Son as Jesus suffered unimaginable pain and ultimately death.  That doesn't seem "good."

Anyway, thinking about this led me to think about two dear families who have been on my heart for the past couple of days. . . .

One of my dear friends gave birth to a beautiful baby boy late Monday night.  However, before he was born, her uterus ruptured and he was without oxygen for at least an hour.  Since then he has been on a cooling pad and a feeding tube and a ventilator.  His heart wasn't beating when he was born and he has quit breathing several times since. . . .

Yesterday we …

Honey Pot

People talk about how songs can bring you back to a certain place in history and make you relive emotions from that time period (true). . .today I had that happen to me without a song, though.  I took Emma to Honeyville (one of my favorite stores in Durango. . .they sell flavored honey) and I saw this honey pot and so many memories came rushing over me.
I was back in my Gran'ma's kitchen.  She and Pappy were both there.  She was washing dishes and Pappy was sitting on the blue stool and we were talking and laughing (Pappy was probably eating ice cream).  We three spent so much time there and I was back in a very happy place for a moment today!  Funny that in my memory I wasn't using the honey pot, but just seeing a honey pot made me think of being in the kitchen with Gran'ma and Pappy.  They had a cute little honey pot and it wasn't off limits.  I could get the honey as I liked and if I made a mess it really wasn't any big deal. . . we'd just clean it up. …

Just Us Girls

Wow!  Thirty-six hours have never been more jam packed!  Whoa!  Saturday morning a little after nine we all decided to head out on a bigger adventure than just the Grand Canyon.  "We" was myself, Lesley, Maggie, Emma and Fernanda and by ten we were off!  Opening up Google maps, we decided to head West towards Vegas.  It was so much fun!  The girls were a hoot and the trip was great!  We passed through interesting cities and beautiful pieces of America (the stretch of I-15 that goes in the Northwest corner of Arizona is amazing).
We arrived in Vegas and after a day-light drive by of the strip, we checked into our hotel.  And it wasn't just any hotel.  Thanks to a great deal on the internet and some thinking about other costs (parking fees and taxi charges if we stayed off the strip), we got a sweet suite in the Palazzo.  It was such a rush for the girls!
We all got dressed up (Maggie and Fernanda busted out their dresses from the school dance the night before) and the &q…

Crazy Whirlwind

Wow!  What a week!  Monday was a beautiful day in Durango!  The sun was out and it was so warm.  I took the three littles to the park after school to swing and they had a blast!
After I picked up the other two kids, we headed home to news that Andy (who was in Florida) had been run over by some sort of a tractor.  That's all the information I really got.  What in the world?!?!
So, I spent the evening trying to process that and trying to figure out what to do. . . finally around one in the morning I decided to use frequent flier miles and go to Florida and see for myself how he was doing.  So I left the house at 4 a.m. and hopped on a plane across the country!  I met Andy as Urgent Care where he was getting x-rays and then the two of us headed back together to the camp where he was speaking.  It was fun to get to be with him and see him in his element that is not Kivu.  I stayed for about 24 hours and then I went to Orlando to see my brother.

Once I got to Orlando, I couldn't …