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Feliz Navidad

We are having another perfect Christmas in Cabo!!!!  We love it here!  The weather is perfect.  The down time relaxing is much needed!  Family time is great.  Old friends we've seen down here for the past 15 years are fun to see again.  We are so thankful for this opportunity that my parents give us each Christmas--so generous and thoughtful!!  We are blessed!

Christmas With BeBe & PaPa

BeBe & PaPa came up for an early pre-Cabo Christmas again this year and we had a blast!  We even got a big beautiful snow while they were in town!  We love having them at the house--they are easy and fun and great to be around!

Birthday Twins

Two weekends ago I headed to Texas to surprise my two best friends from Baylor for their birthdays. I wasn't going until the last minute when Maggie convinced me that I had to get down there--40 is a big deal!  So, I hopped on a plane and headed to Austin.

Tiffany and Tracy are forever friends.  We met at Baylor and have been friends since--and it has been so fun to see how our friendship has grown and deepened since college!  They are two of the best!

Tiff's 40th was in Austin on Friday night and then we headed to Dallas (via Waco for a trip down memory lane) for Tracy's party on Saturday night.  It was great seeing old friends like Kristen and Melanie and Katy, too!!!
Another bonus to the trip was that I got to see my dear friend, Kirsten, for a couple of hours!   I love her!!!

A Four Decade Friendship

Jason Brawner and I were basically raised as twins for much of our childhood (we were born 9 days apart).  He was my best friend for as long as I can remember.  Nearly 20 years ago he married one of my favorite people (didn't know her until Jason) and she loves the friendship that has been four decades in the making.  Alison is hysterical and caring and wise and I absolutely love her!  Andy and Jason love being together and laughing together; Alison and I love being together and can share from the depths of our souls with one another--what a gigantic blessing that is!!!!

For Thanksgiving Brawner Party of 5 came to visit Braner Party of 7 for the week and we had a great time!  It may have been one of the most fun and adventurous weeks we have ever had!  One day we biked, one day we climbed and three days we were on the mountain skiing and boarding.  We cooked and cleaned and watched movies and played games and talked and laughed.

Our kids had a blast together!  The grown ups laugh…