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Sunrise vs. Sunset

On Friday I drove Maggie twelve and a half hours to drop her off at Texas A&M (that is another post for another time) and on Saturday I drove home.  As we were heading West down I-40, the sunrise was in our rearview mirror and as I was heading home, the sunset was in my rearview.  I'm sure there are many ways that I could correlate that to what that drop off meant in my life, but for now, I'm just talking about sunrises vs. sunsets.

Like the beach vs. mountain question, sunrise vs. sunset it typically a great get to know you bit.  And I don't know the answer to either one of those questions for me.  I love the beach!  I love the mountains!  I love sunrises!  I love sunsets!

For me, a sunrise is HOPE!  When I see a sunrise, I feel hopeful.  It doesn't matter what I know that day holds or what yesterday held, for a few minutes I feel hopeful.

And on the other hand, for me, a sunset is peaceful.  That is the weirdest part--it doesn't matter what the day was like …

This Tree. . . .

I drove by this tree the other day and I had to made a big u-turn and go back to take a picture!  It instantly spoke to my soul.  Here is this dead stump (cut down by man) with an amazing new tree growing right out of the center towards the sun and fresh air.  Do I monologue about this and how this was a little sermon screaming to me or do I let it speak to you in the words you need?  That has been my dilemma for the past ten days.  And I've decided to let it speak to you because what it shouted to my soul may be different than what it whispers to your heart or speaks to your mind or shouts to your soul!