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A few weeks ago, I took my kids caving.  Honestly, I didn't realize that we would actually be caving, I thought we were just camping inside of a cave. . . but we actually went spelunking--4.5 hours of crawling and belly crawling and climbing and falling. . . . it was AMAZING!

It absolutely started as forced family fun which the kids had been dreading for months.  It ended up as a fantastic experience (not one they will ever choose to do again, but one that they can honestly say they are glad they did).

There were so many parts I loved.  As a mother, I loved watching my kids laugh and use humor to get through a stressful situation.  I also loved watching them help one another through physically tough spots and a couple of anxiety-filled tight spots.  My mother's heart swelled up so much that I barely fit through a couple of openings (okay, it was all of the Oreos of the past year, but whatever).

As I was lying in my sleeping bag, I was struck by just how amazing and loving Go…