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If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.
-John 14:14

I call on you, O God, for You will answer me.
-Psalm 17:6

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
-Philippians 4:6

For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are attentive to their prayer.
-I Peter 3:12a

Hays Met Tim Tebow

Hays came back from Florida glowing. . .not with a nice tan, but with pride and excitement because he got to meet Tim Tebow! I love it that my kids get such great experiences! I love it that Hays got to have a big bright highlight in the middle of a dreary winter of waiting for a brother and waiting for a move and waiting for whatever it is that fourth graders wait for! I'm so thankful that he got this opportunity! I love my boy!!!

Slow Poke Finger Prints

Well, my fingerprints and other paperwork didn't make it back from D.C. in time for Jonathan to take them to Rwanda. The good news is that I have SEVERAL people headed to Rwanda this month at different times who are all lined up to get them there. The bad part is that I need those finger prints to be there ASAP so that Jonathan can get working on the legal stuff for Lionel. Oh well. . .God's perfect timing and not mine. . .not even my back up timing apparently.

Wii Raffle for the Gillman Family

The Gillman family just got 2 referrals and they are having to come up with unexpected funds due to this WONDERFULLY AMAZING news!!!

And they are raffling off a Wii! What a super idea! I am so excited for them! Go to and buy a ticket or two or three or ten! Let's help the Gillmans bring home their kids!!!

What's Happening Now?

The documents we need are now in DC at the US Secretary of State's office (thank you Hillary) and then they will be going to the Rwandan Embassy. Prayerfully they will be finished super quickly so that Johnathan Nimrod can take them to Rwanda with him at the end of next week!!! I have been in contact with the Minister's office in Kigali and they know that my documents are accounted for and on their way through authentication and to their office. I am hoping that once they arrive, then the approval letter will be just minutes away from being signed!

Johnathan will be in Rwanda for five weeks. Prayerfully he can do some leg work for me in Rwanda. Once we get approved, then he can start the process of getting the necessary police documents signed and accounted for so that we can adopt Lionel. Once he is adopted through the court system, then we work on travel approval back in the Minister's office. It sounds so simple and I am praying that "with God all things are …

Rae Is Home!!!

Kevin and Kelly Blackwell came home with Rae yesterday and she is more beautiful than pictures can describe! So exciting!!!

The Blackwells Are On Thier Way

Well, my dear friends, the Blackwells are on their way to pick up their baby girl and I couldn't be more excited about anything! I am so proud of them! If you want to follow their journey, go to "Through The Green Doors" on my right side bar!!!

Also, check out Andy's blog for more details and PICTURES!!! "The Journey" on my side bar or

Also, they were AnNi Design's first family to support! I appreciate everyone who bought t-shirts to help them! I also appreciate Jordin Sparks giving AnNi a visual shout out during the Teen Choice Awards!

The adoption community is such a fun family!!!

Missing Documents

Well, we are back from El Nido. It was wonderful!!! And we, apparently, are missing some documents that Rwanda would like to see. I'm anxious to get on this in the morning. Prayerfully I can find the missing reports and get them authenticated in D.C. and get them to Rwanda as soon as possible! The good news is that a lady named Jeanne Marie (whom I have met) is working on our adoption and not Veronique. I'm holding on to that glimmer for now.