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Today was full of Halloween fun!  From school parties to a costume bike ride (for Tiki) to Trick o Treating on main street and beautiful historic 3rd Avenue!  It was a fun family evening!

So Much Catch Up

I have so much catch up to do. . . where have I been?  I've been busy!!!

Maggie had her school dance.  She a two girlfriends got ready at our house and then headed to the dance.  The ride home was full of giggles and stories.  It was so much fun!  My girl is beautiful!!!
Gabby is loving tap class.  She is so adorable.  We also had a braiding day.  She was great for ten hours of brushing and parting and braiding.  She's a champ!!! One of Andy and I's friends from college drove through Durango with her crew and we got to have a fun ice cream date with them.  It was so much fun!  Thanks, Jen, for stopping by with your darling kids!  Andy and I have been getting some great time together.  We're the only ones in the office this month and its been fun to work together and lunch together and diet together.  We've had a great time just laughing and being friends!
 This past weekend I got to go to Ohio and surprise my childhood friend, Rachelle for her 40th birthday.  It w…

"Just One"

This week was a fun week with some exciting things happening.  I was a guest on a couple of calls for this health and wellness company I am working for and it was fun--I have loved sharing my story and helping other people just by encouraging them!  Anyway, after my second call, one of the "big wigs" in the company gave me such a meaningful compliment--one that to anyone else may not be a big deal, but to me, in this time, it was huge.  She told me that I "really was a green M&M."  For the rest of the day I found myself in tears because that thoughtful compliment opened up the floodgate of emotions surrounding me missing my Gran'ma. . . .

Here's why:

She and I were having a tea party one morning in her house.  I spent countless mornings at her house (and I can tell from the picture it had been a sleepover the night before).  I'm sure we had stayed up late that night giggling before we finally fell asleep.  I am sure we woke up bright and early so t…

Adorable Girls Clothing

Hi there.  This is a blog post from one of my best friends.  Please read below!

FLASH SALE!! Handmade girls clothing using designer quilting fabric by ME!
I have many loves, one of which is sewing.  Nothing gave me more joy than  sewing for my little nuggets.  It was so therapeutic for me when they were  small because it was a very quick, tangible result in a time when there weren't  many tangible results while raising  small children...those results we reap later ...or at least I hope...know what I'm saying??

But all those cliches are true..." cherish every  moment" ..."it goes by in a blink" ...and so on and so on...

Kai is now 8 and Jet is 6.  Kai loves nothing more than dressing herself in clothes  that I did not make...=)  It bums me a little but there are so many things in the  next 10 years I am going to have to say No to that forcing her to wear clothes that  I've made for her is just not worth the battle... When I'm honest, I have put a lot  o…

My Grocery Cart Has Changed

So, when I pulled up to self-check out yesterday, I realized that the items in my grocery cart are drastically different than they used to be.  Yesterday among my groceries was kale, quiona, bell peppers, shrimp, goat cheese, brown rice, lemons, asparagus and many other things very new to me and the best part about this new sight was how excited I was to be cooking and eating these things!

In the past when I have tried to go healthy, I had little to no motivation and my taste buds were not ready for the change.  The best part about the way I am eating now is that I have changed my taste buds and my mind set.  Eating is about being healthy, not about coping with my emotional issues.  Being healthy can be so yummy, but it doesn't have to be for me to chose to eat it.

My new mind set is that I need to eat what is best for my body in the long run.  Thanks to the health and wellness program I have been on, not only have my taste buds changed, but my body has changed and I am so than…