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It is 8,121 miles from Branson to Kigali

Well, it is just over eight thousand miles from the Braners to Lionel. We're going to start a new fund raiser to help us get our boy. The Braner family is going to run/bike/walk/hop/skip "to" Lionel. We're going to log our miles over the next few months and anyone can sponsor us on our trip!!! Please help! This will be a fun thing that we can do as a family and as a "community." You can help by logging miles for us or by "sponsoring" our miles. Maybe you want to sponsor Andy's biking miles or Dax's jumping miles or whatever. . .or maybe you want to walk some of our 8,000 plus miles for us! Any way you help is wonderful! Let's "go" get our boy!!!

Home Study Headed to Kansas City

Well, our Home Study is finished (again) and I am mailing it to Kansas City today (if I can find a check book)!!! It is finished! I'm so glad! Once we get it back, I'll ship everything to the Rwandan Embassy in DC and then get it to Kigali!!! Meanwhile we'll have to get our USCIS Immigration fingerprints and papers, but I'm going to do that while everything is in Rwanda! Our big step is done! We're on our way. . .we're coming to get you, Lionel!!!

New Pics!!!

I got a few new pics of Lionel from Torree McDowell--she spent the summer in Rwanda getting to know Lionel and the rest of the kids at New Hope Homes! So fun! I just wanted to share one of my new pictures! Please pray that we can bring him home SOON!!!