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Why Wouldn't I Share?

I am a great marketer.  I am!  I'll share a recipe I love the minute my kids say "this is awesome, Mom!"  I'll suggest that a friend should see a movie that I really enjoyed and even offer to tag along.  I'll suggest a lotion or a store or a vacation destination.  I don't think twice when I share things like that with people--friends or strangers actually!  I love to share with people.  (I was actually just offered a job at Bath & Body Works because I was helping some total stranger find the perfect scent and lotion because I love to share.)

I also love so many MLM's.  For example, one of my best friends is very in to make up and skin care (she's a professional make up artist) and I know that it is her passion and I believe that she has spent much time researching and testing different products and when she put her "stamp of approval" on a certain skin care line, I hopped on board.  Why wouldn't I?  For one, she is my friend and I f…

Brady & Jen

I got the opportunity to spend a few days with my brother and his wife last week and it was so good for my soul.  I am just awed by them.  They are the most perfect (no one is perfect, I know) couple.  They compliment one another so completely and they both spur the other on to growth and excellence and I love that.  Also, (since I am the big sister, I can say this), I have seen them both grow and mature so much over the past five years and I am so glad that I got to be with them and just hang out.

I did get to go to Disney twice while I was there! Jen took me the first night to see Elsa "ice" Cinderella's castle.  It was so much fun to be with Jen and some of her friends from work.  They were all so super excited to see the castle get lit for the first time this season!  And Olaf made his first ever Disney appearance and that was super fun!!!  Then the next day Brady took me to the park and we did a whole lot of going from ride to ride deciding the lines were too long!…

Snow On The Mountains

So, yesterday I grabbed my littles from school early to head to the mountains because there was snow.  Last year I did this and it was a super fun memory, so when I saw snow on the mountains yesterday I decided to make a tradition out of it!

They were so excited!  Dax actually said that when he saw snow on the mountains on the way to school that he knew I'd be coming to get him!

So, I headed to the mountains with Tiki, Dax and Gabby (and Baylor).  The weather was beautiful and the drive was peaceful.  We to to Molas pass and had a blast throwing snowballs and laughing.  When it was time to leave, we realized that the keys had been locked in the car.  Not great.

Thankfully we have AAA and thankfully there were several very generous people around at the time. One guy gave us food, water and THREE wonderful coats to wear while we waited.  He left us with the coats and his contact info so we could ship them back.  Another couple let the kids warm up in their car for about 30 minutes …