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Retail Therapy

Part of me highly recommends it (retail therapy, that it) and part of me does not.  I don't recommend it daily, but sometimes it just helps to buy something!  (I hope Andy isn't reading this post today.)  I headed to a store to get Andy some coffee for his Keurig coffee maker this morning and that store just happens to be right across the hall from Pier One. . .so I went in.  Then I found these dishes.  Then I walked around the store away from these dishes.  Then I walked back to these dishes.  Then I bought these dishes.  Retail therapy!  I felt so much better afterwards. . .better from what?  Who knows, just better! :)

Actually, we did need dishes.  I have my "wedding dishes" which are gorgeous and beautiful and which we never use and then I left myself with one other set before the move. . .and needless to say, every bowl is cracked or chipped (some past the point of holding milk) and every plate is slowly going in that direction.  The move was hard on my dishes.…

Overdue Thank You

Oh my, this thank you is overdue.  So sorry.  I just wanted to give a quick shout out to those of you who brought the Braner's meals after Hays's crash.  I actually felt like I lived back in Missouri with all of the thoughtfulness that you all showed!  Thanks for spoiling me (us)!  I have to give the biggest shout out to Lorrie who brought HOMEMADE OREO ICE CREAM as a part of the meal.  Oh my goodness!  I think that is my favorite food and we have been savoring it!  Today it is almost gone and I gave my kids the smallest ration so that we could have it for one more day!  Thank you!

Happiness Is A Warm Blanket

I bought Dax a DVD called "Happiness Is A Warm Blanket" yesterday. . .starring, of course, Linus.  We haven't watched it yet (I think he's a little embarrassed), but I am planning on watching it soon.  This picture of Linus has always been one of my favorites (probably common among past thumb suckers) and it holds an even more special place in my heart since I have my own thumb sucker who carries around (not as often anymore) a blue blanket.  My thumb sucker is a little more grown up now, but still my little guy.  Happiness is many many things, but I would say that a warm blanket would be on that list!

Stained Glass & Daffodils

So, why the new header (again)?  Well, in light of my last post and because I absolutely LOVE daffodils in the Spring time, I thought I'd give my header a fresh update!  One of my favorite things about Spring is to see the daffodils bravely blooming at the first hint of warm weather.  They are so bright and cheery and happy!  I love them!  So, happy Spring (even though it is still cold and snowy here)!

Word Picture

Yesterday was a tough day.  It was just kind of a zillion things snowballed into one big bad day.  On the surface it seemed fine and we had fun as a family, but on the inside, I felt like I was dying. . .one big snowball of hurting emotions. 

I survived, though.  I got the kids to bed and then I sat down and had a talk with God.  Why?  Why do I feel like I was once a beautiful vase and through a series of events that I have been dealing with this year, I feel like I was smashed on the floor.  I feel like I am just shards of the vase I used to be and I just cried out to God that I didn't know how I would ever be whole again. 

And then He gave me this picture (it was prettier in my mind, but this is the best I could find with Google Images).  He gave me the picture of a beautiful stained glass vase.  I used to be a beautiful vase and yes, I have been shattered, but He gave me the hope of one day being a completely different looking, but beautiful vase that would once again hold wat…

Ants In My Pants

Yes, I have ants in my pants. I'm not sure what the deal is, but I am dying to hop in the car with the kids and go somewhere for the weekend. I'm really wanting to go to Legoland, but the 24 hour round trip drive is turning me off to that (barely). Then I thought about the Great Sand Dunes or Garden of the Gods or the Royal Gorge. I just want to get out of town. I called a friend in Colorado Springs to see if she could meet me with her kids, but she can't meet us, so I'm probably staying put (which is best, but boring). Oh well. (I need a jet!)

Sister Bonding

Well, my girls got their ears pierced today. . .with matching earrings!  Gabby was so excited to be doing what Maggie was doing!  There were some tears (the lady messed up and had to do Gabby's twice--nice), but overall, it was easy!

Genie Locs

I am going to toot my own horn here for just a second because I am just so proud of myself!  Last night I put Genie Locs (Yarn Braids) in Gabby's hair and they actually look pretty good. . .almost great even!  I have a long way to go and I have some ideas how to make them better, but I am really proud of myself and now the task doesn't seem quite as daunting.  And the best part. . .instead of hundreds of dollars at the salon, it was just six dollars worth of yarn.

Yesterday we went to Hobby Lobby to pick out yarn (it is VERY important that you get the acrylic kind and NOT the wool kind).  Gabby wanted turquoise and so we compromised with mostly dark brown and we added a strand of brown that blends into light blue and then turquoise every ten braids or so.  She loved the compromise (and I don't have a daughter with Easter egg hair)!

For all of you moms out there trying to figure out what to do with your little girls' hair without spending a fortune, there is a great tu…

New Disney Pics

Well, I ordered the "professional" pictures from the Disney Cruise and they came today!!! I am so excited! Here is just a sneak peak:

Fun With Old Friends

The Pierson Family is here this week and we have been having a great time. . .playing and laughing and talking and sharing some annoying virus!  Maggie skipped school yesterday and hit the slopes with them (sorry, Mrs. Miller, if you are reading this) and the girls had a super time!

It has been so nice to be in the company of old friends.  So easy and nice and comfortable (which is saying a lot since we have 13 people packed in our three bedroom home)!!!  Thanks for driving all the way out here, Pierson Fam!  We love you all!

The Video

Some More Disney Pics

Hays Update

Well, after spending all day in the ER, Hays is spending the night in the hospital and Andy is staying with him (Hays requested Andy which makes this mom very happy for the father/son bonding and a little sad for the days of needing mom in the past for now).

The video footage of the crash is amazing and we will have it on the blog soon!  Hays is hoping that it will go viral on YouTube and have a million hits the first two days (his words. . .maybe morphine induced).

He fractured his collar bone, fractured six ribs and fractured his T3 in his spine.  Big fall for a first fall.  Eight broken bones, but it could have been SO MUCH worse, so we are very thankful!

Stay tuned for the video!  (Crazy cyber world where that is something to look forward to. . .nuts!)

Disney Was A Dream

What a fantastic week we had!!!  First things first, thank you SO VERY MUCH GoGo and Pops for the amazing Disney Dream vacation!  Thanks for taking us on such a wonderful trip!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

So, we started on the cruise.  We got to spend four nights on the new Disney Dream and it was super!  If you ever get the chance to go on a Disney cruise, DO IT!  I had so many favorite moments on the ship!

Hays loved being independent.  He got to be-bop around the ship doing his thing and checking himself in and out of "The Edge" which was his kids' club for the tweens.  It was fun to watch him do his thing.

Maggie enjoyed "working" Pops the most, I think!  They had a great time together exploring the ship (and the shops)!

Tiki LOVED meeting the characters!  He would basically maul them whenever he saw one.  Princess Tiana was his favorite, I think.  He couldn't stop smiling when he met her.  It was cute.

I was surprised how much Dax loved the ch…

Pedicures & Packing

Well, we are leaving in less than two days and we could not be more excited!!!  I am typically a very last minute packer, but it seems that I am just too excited to wait.  So, we're packed (in carry-ons)!!!  Gabby and I needed a little get-out-of-the-house break yesterday, so we treated ourselves to pedicures and it was so much fun!

So, our bags are ready and our feet are ready and, most importantly, WE ARE READY!  Saturday just needs to get here already!