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iPhone pics

These are just a few random pics from the last few weeks that I just uploaded from my iPhone. Enjoy!

Dax & Gabby waiting for Hays & Maggie to get out of school yesterday.

Gabby "playing" soccer at the "big" kids' soccer clinic.

Soccer with a view!!! This sure beats the cow field on Hillbilly Lane!!!

Hays & Maggie at school. . .first day. . .the new kids!!!

All of the kids on the first day of school!

Dax trying to master chop sticks at our favorite: East by Southwest!!! Yummy!

The moving truck packing up our house in Missouri!

Rae, Gabby & Tred at the K-Kaua'i pool.

Gabby at K-Kaua'i!

Durango: A Good Dream

So, Hays woke up yesterday morning and told me he had a nightmare! He said that he woke up crying. When I asked him what he dreamed about, he said that in his dream I told him that we were moving back to Branson. Wow! Needless to say, we LOVE it here! We love the school and we love the people! I feel so at home. THANK YOU, GOD! What an answer to many prayers!

Andy is home! Another answered prayer!

Ready or Not. . .

Well, school started today! Wow! I have a 5th grader, a 3rd grader (a 1st greader on the way), a pre schooler (call it PreK or he won't go) and a 2 year old. I can't believe it. As I was trying to go to sleep last night, I just kept thinking, "ready or not. . . ." I wasn't this morning. I dropped the kids off and had myself a good cry. Crazy the way life goes. (I tried uploading first day pictures, but I cannot find my cord. . .somewhere in the mess of boxes in our new house!)

Adoption news: Andy said that we got our Act of Adoption today and that our court date is a week from today! I'm not sure how accurate that is, but I'll take it! Once we pass court on Monday, the travel letter should come that week and I should leave (with Hays). So, maybe we'll take off around Labor Day! I would love for that to be the case!

What's Next?!?

WOW!!! My life is never dull. . .I always find myself wondering (often out loud), when will life settle down? Maybe it never does. . .maybe this is normal. Normal is often exhausting and overwhelming!

So, I've moved across the country (to a place I love). I've changed jobs. My kids have changed schools. We've had the Swine Flu this summer, we've had the chicken pox and now not only do we have Impetigo, but we have the Whooping Cough!!! What in the world?!?!?!? The Whooping Cough???? I thought it became "extinct" in 1920 or something. We do. We have it. I've been on the phone with the Health Department and the National CDC (they called me) for the past three days. They have put all of us on antibiotics as a preventative measure (only one of us has actually been diagnosed with it). They have also had me call everyone we have been in contact with and have them start a Z-pack. Sometimes my life is surreal.

(This is the plush toy version of the Whooping Cough ge…

Baker's Bridge

Yesterday was our last day with Pops and we had a great time! I showed him Baker's Bridge. . .my favorite place in Durango!


Adoption news. . .Andy did not get to meet Ruk, but I am praying with my whole heart that he can before he comes home. We did not get to go to court and we don't have set court date that we know of. It is hard not to be very discouraged, but I'm going to remain upbeat and believe that God's timing is the best and that He has something in mind. . .some wonderfully divine reason why next month is better than now.

From Jude 1 (the Message version): Relax, everything is going to be all right; rest, everything is coming together; open your hearts, love is on the way!

Fun Time With Pops

My dad drove back to Colorado with us after kamp was over and we have had the best time ever! He took us to Durango Mountain Resort to ride the alpine slides and the kids had a blast!!! Having him out here has been better than I could have imagined!!! I have loved having him see our new world. We have taken him everywhere! I love it that he has seen the new house and I love it that he has seen the kids' school and our favorite places to eat and everything! Having him here with us has probably been the highlight of my summer!

P.S. On the adoption front. . .I think Andy may be meeting Ruk today! He is in Rwanda and prayerfully he is going to court and getting everything moving again! Please pray for that process! Pray that Andy can get MANY steps finished! The more he gets done, the less time I'll have to spend there. Also pray that it keeps moving because all of our paperwork is about to expire! Yikes! Pray that we can bring Ruk home SO SOON!!!!!!

(Also, I have a ne…

Picking The Kids Up From K1


I'm a little behind in my posting. . .I've taken a small vacation from technology while I've been enjoying my kids again!!!

Picking the big kids up from K1 was so much fun! I missed them SO MUCH! My favorite part (every year) is seeing how much the little two missed the big two!

Who all is in the slide show? Hally Blackwell was a kamper at K1 and her mom, Kelly, and brother, Brady, are in the show. Also, my cousin, Lori, and her three girls, Ashlynn, Kathryn and Lauren. My other cousin, Chelsea, was there with her kids, but they didn't make the show because their pictures were too many MB or something for the slide show.

You'll also notice on the picture of Dax and "little Brady". . .Dax was SO HAPPY to see him that he literally could not stop smiling! It was the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!

A Post I Never Dreamed I'd Ever Write

Today is a day I never dreamed would happen. Never in my wildest imagination from childhood until last Fall did I ever think I would have to say (or experience) this: Today is my last day working for Kanakuk. I never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever thought this day would come. My whole life I only dreamed of working for Kanakuk. I never thought about doing anything else (except for a couple of weeks in 6th grade when I wanted to be a fighter pilot). All I've ever wanted to do is work for Kanakuk. All of my life plans were made around working for Kanakuk. I never thought about a creative college major because I knew I'd spend my life working for Kanakuk.

I bleed Kanakomo blue. I do. I love Kanakuk more than any single person on the earth. I think I can say that as a fact. No one loves Kanakuk more than I do. No one is more concerned about the reputation of Kanakuk than I am. Growing up, every good choice I made was because of Kanakuk. Why didn't I drink in …

Fun Pics

My WONDERFUL leadership team! I love you all! Thanks for the best summer ever!!!

Me and Kelly at Mesa Verde!

Mommy & Gabby at Mesa Verde.

Gabby dressed up for the Pirate Party!

Mommy & Gabby at the Pirate Party!

Flip Mino Camcorder

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Nate, thanks for the fun pics of Dax!!!

You can check out more of Nate Friend's photos and stuff on his blog (click on his name for the link).