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Final Post From The Sandbox

Well, my time in the Sandbox has come to a close. What an amazingly wonderful trip Andy and I had. I feel like each day was highlight followed by highlight!

First of all, I had the best time with my hubby! I honestly was a tad nervous to be spending 17 days with him and no kids. . .it has been so long--2006--since we've spent more than two or three days together (just us) and I just didn't know what to expect. (There is a bit of honesty.) And we had a super time! We laughed so hard and enjoyed one another so much! I am so thankful that we got that time! We had to part ways in the DC airport this morning and I got on my plane to Denver and just cried. I love him!

My second favorite part was the friends I made. I truly feel at home where we were. I hated leaving because I felt like I was leaving behind some very dear friends. I think I was the most shocked by how at home I felt with so many ladies. I feel like my new girl friends are and will be a huge blessing in m…

Lately in the Sandbox

Today it was literally a sandbox.  A "schmall" rolled in (big dust storm) and it was crazy.  No sky, no sun, no road in front of you, no nothing (including no breathing).  And today was supposed to be beach day.  We went to the beach anyway, but it was just a mess of blowing sand.  However, we had great fellowship with new friends.  We just sat around the beach in the blowing sand and wind and talked.  I really love the people over here!

Lately I've gotten to do some really neat things.  I think my highlight has been sitting in on an English conversation class with a bunch of women who want to learn to speak English.  It was wonderful to spend time with some of the local ladies and hear their stories. . .fascinating!

We have had great lunches and dinners with so many fun people.  I have loved listening to stories about their exciting lives and I really feel like I have made some forever friends here in the Sandbox!

Last night a few girls took me to the mall for a cultura…

The Desert

Last night we got to go out to the desert for some star gazing.  The couple we went with were a neat couple with tons of fun stories.  They are so adventurous (he is attempting to climb the "seven" big volcanoes of the world and she has done several with him).  It was fun!

The stars weren't very bright but we talked and laughed and shared until almost midnight up on top of a big sand dune.  It was a super night!

My New Abaya

I have had so much fun these last few days.  We have been really busy doing "official" things, but we have also had a great time getting to know new people along the way.  Last night a small group of couples (mostly with young children) had us over for dinner and they had a little abaya party and gave me a new abaya. . .one I had found in a store a few days ago and fallen in love with!  What a sweet gift.  The couples were so much fun and we laughed a lot!

Today I had my make up done by a Middle Eastern lady (in colors to match my new abaya).  She was so sweet.  So, I wanted to pass along pictures of me in my get-up!  The kids have been wanting to see pictures and I'm sure some of my friends have to, so here they are!!  Enjoy!

What A Day!

Today was a great day! I had so much fun! It started at six a.m. (I know, no more sleeping past noon) when Hays and Maggie Face Timed Andy. I think that just started the day off with a wonderful bang (even though they didn't talk to me) and it just got better from there. Wendi took us shopping at some great little Middle Eastern shops. I got some gifts for some lucky people and found some super stuff (most of which I did not buy). Then we headed to the desert to go look for sand roses. I had no idea that there were sand roses (I actually thought we were going to pick flowers). Sand roses are these rocks that are formed with sand and gypsum and water and some natural process and you dig for them in the dessert. In order to get there we had to go sand off roading and it was a blast! The sand roses are so awesome! Some look like actual roses and some look like space ships. They were everywhere. Many were on top of the sand (the wind had blown the sand off) and some wer…

Goodbye Bahrain

Well, after sleeping until one this afternoon. . .I really do love jet lag without five children. . .I slept until one today. . .and the only reason I got up was because we had a car to catch!  Seriously.  If the kids would have been here with me, I'd be up at six still no matter what jet lag was telling my body.  This has been the best!  Tomorrow, though, I have to be back in "reality" and get up and a normal hour as we are moving on in our adventure.  We left Bahrain today and have arrived where Andy has many fun friends.  I am excited to meet them and to be able to call them my friends, too!  We are with the Remkus family and I love Wendi, our hostess.  I think we're going to have a great week together!

No real adventures to post about today since I slept most of it away.  I just wanted to "update" so that my kids and family know I'm alive and well.  Andy and I are having an absolute blast together and I am so thankful for this time with him!  Gre…

Bahrain Today

Today was a good day in Bahrain.  We slept until noon (I've never done that before. . .even with jet lag) and it took me a couple more hours to get out of my Ambian induced haze.  Andy had some work to do, so I went walking on the beach and then read by the pool.  At four we headed to see the city and the shops!  It was so much fun just being with Andy!  I forgot what a great time just he and I can have together!  Tomorrow we will leave Bahrain for the next part of our adventure!

I Can't Believe Where I Am!!!

Wow!  Yesterday morning, I left Durango for an adventure of a lifetime!  I was so excited for my trip with Andy, but it didn't really hit me until I was here where I actually am!  I'm in Bahrain.  I'm on the Persian Gulf.  Really.  I was in Kuwait earlier today.  It is so crazy!

The craziest part is that I am actually staying on the "club" level of the Ritz Carlton, Bahrain.  UNBELIEVABLE!  I feel like a princess.  A very generous and thoughtful camp family are treating Andy and I to two days in the lap of luxury here at the Ritz.  I'm so glad and thankful they are.  I am being treated like a princess and I actually think I sort of deserve to be treated this way.  (Is that bad that I just admitted that "out loud"?)

And I do miss my children, but right at this moment with jet lag setting in, after eating at a super nice Indian restaurant with Andy and no spills and sitting in my amazing suite at the Ritz overlooking Bahrain. . .I really don't wis…

Thing 1 & Thing 2

Yesterday was Dr. Seuss's birthday and kids all over America dressed up like Dr. Seuss characters for school.  Well, my elementary kids were no exception.  Maggie was Daisy Head Maizy, but did not want to be photographed (she didn't really go "all" out because in the fifth grade one never knows who is going all out this year and who won't...the pressure).  The twins were Thing 1 and Thing 2.  Tiki was all for it, but Dax had to be bribed!  They were so super cute!

And this picture has nothing to do with Dr. Seuss, but this was Gabby being adorable in the tub while the kids were at school!