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My Personal X Factor

I just returned from Vegas where I got to dive into new information about these health and wellness products I am using and sharing.  It was a super weekend with fun friends, great information and the tools to make my dreams come true.  I really want to share with you all!
1.  The company.  It is amazing!  The priorities are right on target.  God first.  Family second.  And so on.  The people are amazing.  They are genuine.  I was blown away by the people from corporate I got to meet and the executives I got to know.  I love this company!
2.  The products.  I already know that I love the products.  My life is completely different because of them and my family is on a path to health that I could not have gotten them on before.  (I'll post my story at the end of this post in case anyone doesn't know it.)  This weekend they introduced a new product for rest, relaxation, calming, anti-anxiety, insomnia and more.  I've tried it and I love it, too!
3.  The friendships.  I have …

When The Kids Are Away. . .

. . . the parents will play.
Yesterday was so much fun!  Andy and I had a date day with no kids and it was the best!  We rented a jeep and went all over the mountains.  We made it to Telluride--Andy had never been there--and had a great lunch.  We explored the mountains, saw waterfalls, I may or may not (may) have had a panic attack at one point on the crazy mountain roads.  We laughed.  We enjoyed one another.  It was much needed and I loved the day with my man!  I'm so thankful for this time without the kids this week!

K1, UC Berkley & Raja

Maggie, Tiki, Dax and Gabby are all at K1.  They're having a great time (it looks like they are).  I dropped them off after flying straight there from Kigali and I'm sure they were exhausted.  But I know they are having the best time ever and I'm not the least bit worried that jet lag is getting them down.
Meanwhile, Hays is at UC Berkley at an engineering camp for the week.  He is going to learn so much!  I am so excited that he gets to meet other kids who love to do what he loves and then the "professors" he will have (one is a big wig at NASA) will leave a lasting impact.  I cannot wait to hear all about it!!!

And in other news. . .we came home from Rwanda to a cat with a broken femur.  What?  Poor thing has been limping around for three weeks, so I took him to the vet yesterday and sure enough, he shattered the head of his femur.  Surgery?  Yep.  What in the world?  I am a dog person.  How do I have a cat (that should be the real question) who has to have s…

Rwanda: Day Twenty-Two

I can't believe this is our last day in the Land of a Thousand Hills.  It has been the trip of a thousand dreams coming true.  I'm so thankful for this opportunity and for the way God worked every single detail out.  His hand was so evident from beginning to end and I am truly grateful.

I have so many thoughts flooding through my mind.  I'm so thankful that my kids got this opportunity.  I hope they have been able to realize the following things (and more):

Rwanda is a beautiful countryThe people of Rwanda are a beautiful peopleTraveling internationally isn't is fun & excitingPeople who are different from them are the same in many waysCatching public transportation is an adventureGo see the world every moment you get a chanceDon't be afraid to exploreMake new friend--even if there is a language barrierTry new foodAppreciate other culturesSay hello and thank you in "their" languageDare to live a dream Of course there are so many lessons I ho…

Rwanda: Day Twenty-One

Wow!  Yesterday was long and ultimately great!  We woke up at 4:30 and began our adventure!  After having to push-start our car, we headed to Akagera Park in Rwanda's Eastern Provence.  Upon arrival, our hopes of a quick and easy safari were dashed when we found out that due to the season, we wouldn't see animals in the main part of the park and we'd have to drive for about 4-6 hours before they were spotted.  Almost immediately all attitudes went downhill and the monsters who had been woken up at 4:30 in the morning started to surface.  I put on my "everything is going to be awesome" happy face and reminded them that in order to save an apology letter later, it would be best if they tried to see the bright side.

So we drove.  And we drove.  And we drove.  (Mind you, we are squished in a car with no air condition and the road conditions are terrible.)  As we were driving we noticed that maybe the animals were MIA due to the recent brush fire--the brush fire that…