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Tiki at K1

Tiki is at K1 for a month and I think he is having a super time!  Every picture I see of him, he is with my cousin's son, Peyton.  I love seeing the cousins having fun together!  Thank you, Melissa Houston, for this picture!!!

Hays at K2

Hays is at K2 for the month and I'm so excited that he is getting to be there!  I'm also thankful that my dad is there because I am getting fun video and photos of Hays wakeboarding!!!!  He is taking wakeboarding specialty, so he is in the water two or three hours a day. . .what a life!!!

Happy Birthday, BeBe!

Best mother-in-law ever!!!  Happy Birthday!  You're so fun and positive and thoughtful!  I love being your daughter!  I hope your day is one of the best ever!  I love you!!!

Happy Birthday, Lesley!

Today is Lesley's birthday.  Lesley. . .if you all "out there" in blogger world had any idea how amazing Lesley is. . .I don't even know how to talk about it.  She is Mary Poppins!  She literally flew in on a breeze and has made our life better since the day she folded up her umbrella and put it into her bottomless bag of perfection!  We love her!  Our family is better because of her!  She is a dear friend to each one of us.  Lesley is practically perfect in every way and we love her! 

Thanks, Les, for making life better!  Come back from Rwanda as soon as you can!  We miss you and we aren't complete without you here!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Andy!

Happy Birthday, sweetie!!  You're as old as me again (at least for another six months).  I just wanted to give you a quick shout out to say that I love you and I am very thankful to be spending another birthday with you.  You're funny, you're caring, you're compassionate.  You've been so amazing this summer with all of my four legged friends that you would rather not have running around our home!  You've been patient with me and my emotions.  You've been considerate of my needs and feelings.  Thanks for loving me the way you do!  I'm blessed to have you in my life!  I love you dearly!!!

Paddle Boarding

Well, we have found "our" thing!!!  The other day the Braners and the Blackwells all took an "intro to paddleboarding" class and we all loved it!  I'm so hooked!  If I could, I'd go buy a board today.  Dax fell the most in love with it!!!  Hays was a natural.  It was perfect for Tiki. . .I think he could do it all day long!  Maggie and Gabby liked it, too!  Wow!


Well, Camp Kivu has a new mascot.  "Paisley" (name given by Hally and Maggie) was found on the highway yesterday and she already acts like a dog. . .crying to be fed and following me around camp (as far as she can walk right now).  We think we was born early yesterday morning and then abandoned.  She's a doll.  Mule deer are not as cute (and not as smart) and white tail deer, but she has the looks a mother (me) can love!  Sweet tiny thing!

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's. . .

The Yellow One Is The Sun

Lesley took these pictures at the river the other evening. . .Dax "eating" the sun and Gabby framing it with her hands.  I just thought they were cute pictures that I someday want in my blog book!