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Whew. . .what a year!

I love that my Birthday is on New Year's Eve because I really get to sum up my year in a tidy fashion (I get to sum it up at the end of the year instead of in the middle and that speaks to part of me).

40 was great.  It was an age I was kind of dreading--having memories of my parents' funeral themed 40th birthday parties--and it was a great age.  (Full disclosure: 41 seems like a really old age to be.)  I think I felt better at 40 and I was happier at 40 and I had more hope at 40 than at any other age (overall).

But when I title this post "Whew. . . what a year!" I mean it.  WHEW!  I'm not sure we could have packed many more changes into 2015.  It is literally exhausting to think bout!  We rang in the New Year in Cabo like always and I think that is the only time I could use "like always" to describe anything for this year.

Our family was involved in so many new things.  Braces (X4). First loves.  First kisses. Snowboard competitions.  A broken collar …