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How On Earth?!?

How on Earth is my girl so grown up?  OH MY!  She and her bestie, Lexy, headed to the woods to take some fun pics today and I was floored by the results!!!!  Wow!  The best part is that my beautiful daughter is even more stunning on the inside!  She is a dream and I love her so very much!  I'm blessed!

Frozen (and TuTu) Party

Oh my goodness.  Today may have been one of the most fun days I've had in a while (which is surprising because it involved six screaming first grade girls AND glitter).  We had Gabby's birthday party and she wanted a "Frozen" party.  I picked the six little girls up at school (and Dax and a friend) and played the Frozen soundtrack in the car--the girls sang the WHOLE WAY HOME and it was adorable!!!!  I was grinning from ear to ear (and singing my heart out).  Then we came home to cupcakes and Frozen colored drinks and M&Ms.  The "activity" was tutu making and we have glitter EVERYWHERE--actually EVERYWHERE is quite the understatement!  Oh my!  The house is a wreck and I don't even care because it was so much fun!  Maggie and her BFF, Lexy, were here helping the girls make the tutus and now Hays is helping Gabby and her BFF, Londyn (who is spending the night) make friendship bracelets.  What a great day.  The house is a wreck, glitter is in all crac…

Third Grade Concert

Last night was the third grade concert. . . a public blog isn't really where you can share your true feelings about a third grade concert.  (What a waste of time.)  But Dax and Tiki were glad we all came and they really enjoyed the evening.  They sang and danced and played multiple instruments.  (Four third grade concerts down and one to go!)

Happy Birthday, Gabby!

How is it that my baby girl is SEVEN today?  It is such a weird feeling. . .she is my fifth to turn seven and seven isn't really that big of a deal, but for some reason, her turning seven today has me kind of off kilter.  I am overcome with love and joy and thankfulness for this adorable and loving and compassionate and funny little girl in my life. . . .  At the same time I'm floored that that same little girl is growing up so quickly.  I want to savor every  moment with her and I feel like those moments are slipping away too quickly.  Maybe it is because she is my baby.  Maybe it is because she is such a joy and a blessing.  (Maybe it is because I am nearly 40 and everything is seeming to blur by these days?)  Whatever it is, I cannot believe that my Gabby is seven today!

As I so often do, I want to give a shout out to her tummy mommy.  She is probably out there somewhere and I know that today (probably not really today, but whatever the actual BIRTH day is) she is thinking…

The Family Car

Today we bought our "family car."  (This is kind of just one of those posts "for the books"--a post that I really don't need to be posting for any other reason, than just for me as I look back on the years.)  It has been quite the surreal week of test driving and buying for my soon-to-be sixteen year old son.  I remember thinking about when this time would come and feeling like it was an eternity away and BOOM! today was buy the family car day.  How in the world?!?  So, we got a great deal on a great car that will hand down nicely from Hays to Maggie to Tiki to Dax to Gabby (in the ideal world--the world free of fender benders and other nonsense).  We feel very lucky to have found the car and the very Type A owner it had (with every oil change receipt in a nice file).  For now it will be sitting in the drive way.  In just a few months it will be the vehicle that brings major change to my life--when one of the five can drive (and help out?).  That is a future b…

Their Hallways

So, we got to spend the weekend with the Hall Family again and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!  Remember, their blog is and you can read about their year of road schooling around America!!!

We've had a FULL weekend of white water rafting, mountain biking, hiking. . . we've been all over Durango and up to Silverton and Ouray!  It has been a ball!  I've loved it!!!

It has been so good for me to be with friends!  I have seriously loved every minute!  Talking and laughing and just being with people who have known me for twenty years.  It has been fun and refreshing--we have laughed SO MUCH!  The Hall family has been such a blessing!

On top of all of that, we've had super Braner family time and we have loved having Andy home.  It is fun being Party of 7 and the moments we get to spend together are moments I treasure!!!