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Tiki's First Day of School

Well, it is over!!! I took him to school this morning. Maggie walked with us to his class and we got Mrs. Larson, the teacher I asked for. I had heard that she is diligent and structured and that she may be good for Tiki. Anyway, I went to his classroom and stayed a while and he seemed to be doing great. He didn't seem scared. He didn't seem too overwhelmed. He was behaving and trying to participate. There were three adults in the room (not counting me) and one was helping him exclusively. I felt great about leaving him. My fears were calmed and I just knew he was going to have a great day.

I went to pick him up. . . .I ran into the principal first and she told me that he kept running off all day and was running out of line and down the halls. Uh-oh! (I don't think they EVER walked in lines in Rwanda and I don't think there were many carpeted halls lined with pretty paintings and other artwork in his old school.) So, I went to talk to his teacher (he and th…

Cancel the Whisper in Santa's Ear!!!

Okay, cancel that whisper! I cannot change Tiki's birthday, so I don't want the rings. Dumb. But that's how it is! :)

Tiki started school today! Dropping him off was so hard on this momma, but he did super! I'm sure he is SO overwhelmed, but he did great and I cannot wait to see what his teacher has to say! I think drop off tomorrow will tell me everything. . .if he is excited to go or not! We'll see!!!

A Whisper (or shout) In Santa's Ear

Well, I have been Christmas shopping in the comfort of my own home (only because there is no shopping in Durango. . .I'm missing the Branson outlet malls).

BeBe. . .check
PaPa. . .check
Gran'ma. . .check
Pops. . .check
GoGo. . .check
Andy. . .check
Kids. . .stocking stuffers are more fun to buy in person (not on the internet)

I have a birthday AND Christmas coming up and I am getting this beautiful table (different chairs) for the next decade worth of occasions! I love it and I cannot wait to have a table to eat at as a family (the kitchen floor is getting cold). I love my table and I am so excited to have some heirloom quality furniture! I am so proud of it!

It won't be here until March, though, and I am really itching to have something in my stocking.

I really want these stacking birth stone rings from Andy, so I'm blogging about it in case he reads this or in case any of his mentors read this! And. . .just to make sure we are on the same page. . .I want GOLD and siz…

Decorating Cookies

Thanksgiving Turkey Fry

The Willis family came over for Thanksgiving yesterday and it was so much fun! I, unfortunately, have no pictures of the kids laughing and playing together, but I got the adults in some turkey frying action! What a beautiful day it was in Durango! Thanks for the wonderful Thanksgiving in our new home, Willis family! Thanks for cooking almost the entire meal and for coming down the mountain to our house! We love you all!

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I am thankful for SO MUCH this Thanksgiving. . .so so so so so so so much! Here are a few of my favorite things (people):

Happy Birthday, Dax!

My baby, Dax, is five years old today. . .I cannot believe that my little dimple guy is growing up. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAX!!!

Rub A Dub Dub. . .


We made it! Oh my goodness! We are exhausted, but we are home with our family and nothing has ever felt better. I feel so complete. That's my feeling. I feel like I am looking for nothing. . .I just feel full and whole and complete. Braner Party of 7. We are here and I am relishing that. I slept so soundly last night. . .I'm sure lots had to do with how tired I was, but I really think it is because I am happy. God is so good!

Here are some pictures. We didn't have a computer while we were in Ethiopia and I couldn't get pictures off of my "good" camera onto our computer while we are in Rwanda, so get ready for a bunch of pics! Enjoy!