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Gwyneth Paltrow

I woke up this morning with my beautiful daughter sawing logs beside me (Andy and Hays are on their way to Israel) and instead of getting up and starting my day, I decided to cruise the Internet so I didn't wake her up.

Well, I found Gwyneth Paltrow all over the Internet after her interview with E! News where she said that being a movie star mom was harder than being a mom with a regular 9-5 job.  You can imagine all of the backlash and "open letters" and Facebook rants that has caused.

It got me thinking.  Being a mom is hard.  Period.  I can't really imagine any scenario where being a mom is easy.  Then you mix "the grass is always greener" with being  a mom and you're toast!  I bet that at one time or another (some of us at more than one time) truly believe that "if only I _______" then being a mom would be easier and I'm sure that all of us have thought that being a mom is harder than we imagined at one time or another.

I think everyo…

Staycation 1.0

This post could really be titled several things.  Things including Forced Family Fun (my siblings will understand) or Payback's a B*%$#.  I realized yesterday (a quarter of a century too late) that my dad wasn't a lunatic making us do dumb stuff for a new book, he was begin a dad--a dad who wanted to have fun with his family before we all moved away.  How did I finally come to that very honest (and brutal) realization?  I became my father!!!!

So, we had big plans for Spring Break, but due to finances, those plans were put off and we decided to have a stay cation.  Andy and I thought "Why not?  We live in a vacation town!"  So, I planned a great staycation!  I wanted us to all make memories and laugh and have fun together.  I wanted there to be no electronics and no days of us all in our separate corners in the house.  I wanted to be outside playing and really laughing together.  So, on the calendar yesterday was sledding up at Molas Pass.  I finally got everyone and…

Fight, Flight, Freeze OR. . .

. . . curl up in bed and fall asleep?  That is my natural instinct to "attack" and I'm not sure if it falls in the flight or the freeze category.  Internally I for sure fight, when I get "attacked" emotionally, on the inside I have millions of wonderfully cutting things to say and ways to stand up for myself, but those never come out.  My immediate actual response is to want to curl up in my bed and get under the heaviest covers I can find and take a nap!

I'm not great with people.  I'm not 100% sure what it is about me, but I'm just not.  On a surface level (first impression stuff), I'm fine.  I'm happy and fairly sweet and fine.  (Unless I'm in a big group and then I'm an uncomfortable wall flower.)  Then as a super close and dear friend, I'm fine.  It's that weird and huge stage between first impression and soul mate where I struggle.  And this struggle presents itself in so many ways!

In my job, I'm just hard to read…


This past weekend Andy and I headed to Arizona for a wedding with Tiki and Gabby.  Meanwhile, my dad came up to snowboard with Hays, Maggie and Dax.  We all had a fantastic weekend!!!  I think my favorite part of the weekend was cousin time!!!  We arrived the first night and met many of my Arizona family for Mexican food!  (Why didn't anyone take any pictures?!?)  My cousin, Chelsea, and I got to spend some great time together and I am so thankful for that!  Tiki and Gabby got to spend the entire weekend with Chelsea's kids and the goodbyes after three days were teary!!!  Andy and I headed to a wedding of a dear friend and had so much fun!!!!  Then the last day, I turned our trip into a mini 12 hour vacation before we headed back home!

More Than A Month Of Catch Up

Wow!  My blogging has been severely lacking in terms of pictures and what has been going on in our family is concerned.  (This blog began as a family memory book and a place for photo updates for my parents, my Gran'ma, Andy's parents, KayKay and my close friends.)  So, here I go with a month (plus) of pictures and fun stories so that I can be caught up before the chaos of Spring overtakes my blog!!!

Cabo: I can't believe I just found un-posted pics from Cabo.  This is from our last day when we really didn't want to leave.  What a great trip Cabo was this year.  (I think we'd all love to be back there right now!!!)
Super Bowl:  We had a little mommy and the kids (and Baylor) Super Bowl party!
Random Mountain Pics:  We spend so much time on the mountain!!!  Living here is really like living on vacation!  I'm even volunteering up at the mountain this year (cowboy hat pic) and it has been really fun!  We haven't had great snow this season, but the days have bee…