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Date With My Oldest

Last night Hays asked me to meet him for dinner.  Since I can see the money he has on his debit card, I realize that I was asked to dinner along WITH my wallet, but I'll take what I can get!  I met him at Schlotzsky's during his "lunch" break.  It was a great time.  They ended up letting him off early because it was slow and he just sat there with me for over an hour.  We talked and laughed and ate.  It was really fun.  With his job and everything I've really been missing him lately and I'm so thankful for the hour I got with my boy--I love him oh so much!

Belated Snow Day

Like I said in my last post, we got 31 inches last weekend and on Monday we had our third snow day since we moved here (six years).  So, Andy and Hays and I headed to the mountain to enjoy the powder--and powder it was!  It was so much fun--either the powder or the morning with just Hays and Andy or both!  We laughed so hard and I fell so many times because the powder was so deep.  I loved it!  I could do that weekly!

Belated Kathleen Came To Town

Last weekend my friend, Kathleen came to visit from San Diego with her daughter.  She is my upline in this company I work for and she came for business and pleasure.  We got the business out of the way the first night and then we got to enjoy the 31 inches of powder that came down the rest of the weekend.  He daughter is a gem and I loved having her here, too!  Hays taught her to snowboard with the patience of a saint!!!

Belated Hays Got A Job

Hays got a job!  He has been so faithful about job hunting and he finally snagged one.  Schlotzsky's opened in Durango and Hays jumped on board!  He really likes it!

So, the first night Braner Party of 7 (including BradRay) headed to Schlotzsky's to embarrass support Hays at work!

Belated Marriage Get Away

Fourteen months ago Andy and I decided that we need to set aside a week each year for US.  We are both so busy and we have so many plates spinning that we are ships (speed boats) passing in the night so often.  So, we committed to a week away each year and then we waited.  The time came this year and it was inconvenient, we had too much going on, but we were committed.
Oh my goodness.  It was the best week we have had--maybe ever!  I didn't realize how badly we needed to be away without the kids and just with us.  (We had friends with us for part of the time, too, and that was so healthy for laughing and talking and being grown ups.)  But just being together with my man was a dream come true.

I think we both reminded each other of how much fun we both can be.  We laughed and we dreamed and we relaxed.  It was perfect!  His idea of a fun vacation is golf and surfing, my idea is reading a book by the pool.  We got to do both!  He had guy friends to play with and then we came toget…

Belated New Puppy

So, as most of you know, Andy isn't a huge fan of my pets.  He just isn't a pet guy.  And I love animals!  (Great combo!)  But he has talked about wanting a French Bulldog for several years.  So, I've been secretly looking for a French Bulldog for Andy.  And I found one!  I was so nervous to get him, but I was so excited, too!

It was great timing in terms of being the perfect Valentine's Day gift.  So, I did it!  The puppy came home with us.  Andy came home two days later and I presented him his Valentine's Day gift and he was so excited.

Why the name?  Well, Andy put out in the twitter-verse and Instragram world that we had a new puppy and overwhelming people suggested the name Brad Ray.  What?  Yep.  Brad Ray is one of our old staff guys and he is a legend.  We love him.  So, we named the dog BradRay (one word--say it quickly together).  The name is hysterical because everyone knows there must be a story behind it.

He's a fun puppy and we all love him very m…

Belated Birthday Tiki

Well, I haven't blogged all month.  Wow.  I've been busy and crazy and having fun!  But I have tons of catching up to do!
February 3 was Tiki's 11th birthday!  Crazy that he is 11 years old!  He is so social and loves being with his friends, so I picked up he and four of his friends (and Gabby) and we headed South to the bowling alley.  It was so much fun!  The boys were chatty and laughing (one boy was knitting).  It was fun to hear about Tiki from their point of view--apparently he's quite the lady's man at school.  I was laughing so hard (to myself).  It was fun!  We bowled and ate pizza and I think it was a fun celebration for him.

Braner Trucking Line

This week I got to go to Illinois for a health and wellness party.  But the best part is that it was in Jacksonville, Illinois where all of Andy's extended family lives.  Sharon (Andy's mom) met me up there and we had a really fun two days!  We had so much fun with aunts and uncles and cousins!  The party was a big hit, too!