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The Next Chapter

When I'm reading a book, I am all in (if I'm not all in by page three, then I toss it).  I fall in love with the characters, I form opinions (strong opinions) about the plot and I get totally lost and emotionally involved in the story!  I love opening the next chapter (especially after it has spent the day on my night stand).  New chapters bring new depth to the plot, new dimension to the characters, new twists and turns and new information.  I love to read novels.
Well, we are at a "next chapter" in our life and I am looking forward to it even more as I would a new chapter in the latest book I'm reading.

Twenty years ago Andy spent his first summer with KCO (Kanakuk Colorado).  Fifteen summers ago we spent our first summer out here in Durango at this location and the dream really came alive!  Six summers ago, we debuted at KIVU on the old KCO property and another part to the story began!  Five years ago we began the KIVU Gap Year and because of that life will n…