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The Last Barn Dance

Camp closing hasn't been sad for me.  I think in the middle of it all I'm just exhausted and ready for a new adventure.  But today all of that changed.

Every term we have a Barn Dance.  It started as just another party in 2001, but it was a party we never let go of and we have had one every term and every retreat for the past fifteen years.  The Barn Dance has become the KCO & KIVU trade mark.  Today so many of our alumni have been posting pictures and memories of both KIVU and of the Barn Dance.  I think the Barn Dance makes us all feel like a family and this last one has made us reflective. . . and it has made me a blubbering basket case.  I am sad.

Maggie was born here the day before we opened our gates the very first time.  This is the camp that made Andy and I jump out of the next (and the debate is still out whether we are falling or flying).  This place has grown me up and made me a better person. This place holds some of my fondest memories and some of my dearest …