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Soap Box

Typically I can let this just bother me for a few minutes and then I let it roll off (because even though I'm a control freak, I realize I cannot control everyone). . . but I've been off of social media and not watching the news for several days and hopping back into things today all at once has totally set me off and I can't just let it roll off.  So I'm blog-journaling (venting).

The amount of hate and massive over generalizations in the news and on social media is making me furious!  Seriously!  I read posts completely (like 100%) over generalizing a population or a culture or a religion or a political party or whatever and I can't stand it.  Seriously.  Until I have met every single Muslim and have had a great open conversation with him or her, then there is no way that I can make a blanket statement about Muslims.  The same goes for Christians.  The same goes about women.  The same goes about a political party.  The same goes for. . . you name it!  I don'…

When Your Kids Are Hurting

It has been a really hard 27 hours and I have found myself in a deep place of sadness because my two oldest are hurting and confused.  Yesterday morning, the kids at Miller Middle School found out that one of their classmates killed himself.  What do you do with that?

I immediately texted Maggie to see what I could do for her and she, the typically chatty tester, was near silent.  She just wanted to be at school around people.  So I sat outside of the school, just wanting to hold on to my baby girl as she mourned and knowing that when she was ready, she would call.  She did and we cried.

The pain is so real for her.  Sawyer, that was his name.  Sawyer, the happy and friendly kid who has been in school with her since we moved here. Sawyer, on of "the guys" on the soccer team. Sawyer, the one who's name was so awkwardly skipped during attendance yesterday in her first period class.  Sawyer, the friend who seemed so happy at school on Monday.  Sawyer, the dear 13 year old …