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Meanwhile. . . In Breck

We have loved living in Breckenridge!  There has been so much going on and so many fun things to do!!!

Unpacking.  We've unpacked and unpacked and unpacked.  This picture does no justice to the amount of boxes we have unpacked and organized.  Exhausting, but we are finished!

Visitors.  We've had some really fun visitors (not all visitors pictured).  I'm super excited to be living in Breckenridge for that reason!  ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO COME VISIT!  Already, in the two months (less than two months) that we have been living here we have had more visitors than during all six years in Durango!  I'm making a fun photo album of all of our visitors during our first 12 months here!

Being in Breck.  We've enjoyed the weather and the town.  We can walk downtown from our house and that has been so much fun!  Another one of my favorite things about living here!

Hiking.  Hiking has become one of our new favorite things to do!  Gabby and BradRay and Baylor are my usual hiking buddie…

HoCo 2K15 (As Maggie Refers To It)

This past weekend was Homecoming for Summit High (since I'm behind, let me do a quick update:  we moved to Breckenridge and Hays and Maggie attend Summit High School).

The littles and I headed to the football game on Friday night (Colorado mountain football is NOTHING like football in the South--interesting.)  We had fun watching the game and laughing at Gabby (she asked if a first down was a home run--clearly we need more football in our lives).  All of us bought some SHS swag since we are the newest Tiger fans!

Maggie has found a fantastic group of friends here in Summit County!  They are great girls and they have been unbelievable about including her in their group without hesitation!  I have been blown away by that!  They are planners (meaning they make big plans but they seriously lack actual organized planning skills) and they love to make stuff happen!  For Homecoming they met at Mia's house to get ready and take pictures--there were girls and moms and curling irons an…