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Happy Birthday, Gabby!

She's six!?!  How did that happen? 

She's the light of our lives.
She's hysterical.
She's stubborn.
She's sweet.
She's compassionate.
She's smart.
She's silly.
She's friendly.
She can dish it.
She can take it.
She makes me smile.
She makes me laugh.

Gabby came into our lives and rocked our world and we are all better because of her.  I truly cannot fathom our world without her right here in the middle of it.  She has changed us in so many ways and I wouldn't trade one minute of her for anything.

She's a love.
She's a doll.

I love her. 
I just can't get enough of her.

My baby girl.  How can she be six already?

Happy Birthday, Gabs!  I love you more than you could imagine!

Mary & Martha

Saturday night we watched HBO's "Mary & Martha."  It is a great film about a friendship formed between two women after they have each lost their sons to malaria and the passion that comes from that loss to make the world safer from malaria.  It was so well done.  If you didn't get to see it, try to watch it on Hulu or whatever!  It was fantastic!!!

Walks With My Hubby

Andy and I have discovered "walks."  With five kids and 100+ days of travel each year, it is hard to find time for us.  Dinner dates can be expensive.  Once I put the kids to bed, I'm wiped out.  He is not a morning person.  Weekends are filled with kids and noise and wonderful chaos.  But we have found that when we take walks, we have 45 minutes of just the fresh Colorado mountain air and each other.  I love our walks.  They happen two or three times a month max, but they are so refreshing for me.  I love getting him to myself and I love the way I feel the stress leave his body as we walk our "circle" and talk to each other about the stuff and the junk.  I love to get to be his listening ear.  I love that he is my listening ear and I really feel like these walks are the only times that it is just us being us.  I love our walks and I hope they never stop!

Thanks for the walk today, sweetie!  I love you!


We just had the most relaxing and fun family time!  It was top notch!  For over a year, we have been planning this fun Spring get away with my parents.  I researched so many fun places to accomodate everyone (my dad likes high adventure and my mom would rather read a book by a pool which is close to the ocean).  I had a blast planning the trip!  Unfortunately, my parents had to cancel, but they were gracious enough not to make us cancel, too!

So, I turned in all of my frequent flier miles I have been saving up to go get our China baby and we headed to Mexico!  Free trips are awesome and free trips with family are even better!  And free trips with family that are relaxing are bar none!

I think it was so relaxing because there was zero agenda.  We just were.  If the kids wanted to go to the pool, they could.  If they wanted to go to the beach, they could.  If they wanted to stay in the room, they could.  Nothing or everything.  And we slept 10-14 hours every night which really enhansed…

Have I Told You About Hays Lately?

I just felt like I needed to take a moment to brag on my oldest son.  He is in the stage where he seems to get "left out" of some things because he is older or working or whatever.  I just want to put down into words how proud I am of him.

He's amazing!  This year he has been interning at a bike and ski and snow board shop and he has learned so much.  I'm excited for all of the "technical" stuff he has been learning, but I am so proud of the values he's learned.  It has been a tough year.  He isn't getting paid and he is doing whatever small job they ask him to do.  He has to work after school and he has to work one day on the weekend.  It would be on these weekend days that I would be so proud of him because we would have to drop him off at work on our way to the mountain to go snow boarding or sledding or whatever fun family adventure we were off to.  That's hard.  He is 14 years old.  He is not getting paid.  But he went to work while we pla…

Playing Catch Up

I just have some fun pictures to post from a few random events over the past week.  So, this is just a photo update (mostly for far away family and for my blog book one day).