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Speed Bumps, Reduced Speed, Falling Rocks, Dangerous Curves, Detour, Steep Grade and God Working AHEAD!!!

I wrote this for America World last summer and I just ran across it again. I think it may encourage some of you who are finding the "road signs" of adoption exhausting, overwhelming, confusing and . . . . whatever! (The title of this post was the title of the below article.)


The journey was amazing—in all the ways that word insinuates!

When we hopped on the adoption highway we had no idea that it would be anything but a straight four lane 75 miles per hour newly constructed interstate with beautiful smooth blacktop and a median with no litter and big hardwood trees.

Our adoption journey began in 2005 and we were headed due west to China. For nearly two years I dreamed nightly of my little China doll and I wrote to her faithfully in a beautiful red journal that I wanted to give her at her wedding (or some other big event when she was older). The road signs began right from the beginning. They were mostly speed bumps with paperwork and then in the spring of 2006, they became more of the falling rocks and dangerous curves ahead type. All along the way, I knew that God was working, but sometimes those signs seemed to be covered with dirt from passing trucks or knocked down by the enemy. The list of emotions that flooded my mind, soul and heart are too extensive to list. It was unbelievable.

Then in May of 2007 we were in contact with America World and we decided to be their pilot family for Rwanda. DETOUR!!!!!!! My China doll dreams immediately became dreams of this beautiful little girl in a Rwandan orphanage with long curly eye lashes and the most beautiful dark skin that I have ever seen. Our detour was a steep grade and it was difficult to keep it in a low gear as I wanted to get to the bottom as quickly as possible. Being a pilot family for America World was a wonderful experience. I feel like I have life long friends in the AW office and I felt as if I were treated like royalty.

Our detour ended in Rwanda towards the end of 2007 when I landed at the Kigali airport and Gabby was placed into my arms. In one instant, as I held this tiny baby, I understood for the first time God’s love for me, His adopted daughter. I have three biological children and I loved this little package from Rwanda just as much as I loved my older children. And to think that God actually loves me as much as He loves Jesus is so overwhelming. I never really believed Him. . .how could He love me that much since I’m adopted? He does! Besides the treasure that Gabby is to us, being able to understand God’s love on a deeper level has been the biggest blessing along this adoption journey.

My daughter’s given name, Iribagiza, means, “we praise the Lord because you are a blessing.” Nothing says it better!!!

So many times a highway detour will take you through unexpected little towns and through scenery that you would have missed on the interstate and that is what happened to us. I got to see a beautiful little country, Rwanda, and the scenery of my journey on that small back road (East away from China) was gorgeous! And now I have my daughter, Gabby, and what a wonderful little “souvenir” she is! Thank you, God, for WORKING even when I couldn’t see it!

Meanwhile, we are back on the highway towards China, but I am anxious to see what road signs and detours God puts in our path in the future! He is so good and His plan is so perfect and HE IS WORKING!

Thank you God. Thank you America World for helping our dreams come true. Thank you Rwanda for allowing us to adopt Gabriella Iribagiza Braner!


Kristyn said…
Thank you. That was very good.

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