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Meanwhile. . . In Breck

We have loved living in Breckenridge!  There has been so much going on and so many fun things to do!!!

Unpacking.  We've unpacked and unpacked and unpacked.  This picture does no justice to the amount of boxes we have unpacked and organized.  Exhausting, but we are finished!

Visitors.  We've had some really fun visitors (not all visitors pictured).  I'm super excited to be living in Breckenridge for that reason!  ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO COME VISIT!  Already, in the two months (less than two months) that we have been living here we have had more visitors than during all six years in Durango!  I'm making a fun photo album of all of our visitors during our first 12 months here!

Being in Breck.  We've enjoyed the weather and the town.  We can walk downtown from our house and that has been so much fun!  Another one of my favorite things about living here!
Yes, that is a fox on top of the car at church.

Hiking.  Hiking has become one of our new favorite things to do!  Gabby and BradRay and Baylor are my usual hiking buddies, but we've gone on a couple of family hikes on Sundays.  
School & Soccer.  The littles are going to Upper Blue Elementary and I really like it.  The teachers are great and the atmosphere is fun and friendly.  Tiki is playing soccer and I think he is really finding something he loves!
New Friends.  Oh my goodness!  I feel like God has really blessed me with some great friends (not all pictured)!!!  There are several ladies here that have gone out of their way to make me feel included and to show me true friendship.  I'm excited to see where each one of these relationships goes!
My friend, Shannon, who has been so much fun to get to know and to spend time with.  I feel like we have been friends for the longest time already!
My friend, Megan, who planned a girls night out for me (sequins required).  She is a fellow adoptive mom and I even interviewed her for Kanakuk when she was in college.
10 out of 10.  For me, Breckenridge has been a TEN.  I love it here!  I love being close to Denver.  I love the people.  I love the outdoor fun we have.  I love where we live.  I love the potential my house has.  I love the new start!  I'm so thankful to be here!


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