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If You Want Something Done Right...

If you want something done right. . .then it isn't going to happen.  That's the kind of week I'll be having this week!

Kivu opened its gates last Monday.  We had a few guy counselors roll in to help clean up.  Last night our entire staff (nearly 100 college kids) showed up for our Staff Training Week.  This morning we had a group of 65 high school Seniors show up from Phoenix for their Senior Trip.  And meanwhile, back in Durango, my kids are still in school for two more weeks.  So, I'm trying to live in two worlds and spinning plates are getting dropped all over the place! 

I feel like I'm moving in four time speed fast forward (think DirectTV) and slow motion all at the same time.  I'm trying to be a good mom who doesn't drop the ball too much these last two weeks of school (trying to remember who has field trips when and which class I am supposed to bring snacks to when and so on and so forth) and I'm trying to make the retreat run smoothly as I schedule the students and sort out details.  Yikes!!!

One fun thing I got to do with Tiki and Gabby today, tough. . .Andy was leading a rafting trip and the timing was perfect that I could make it to the walking bridge with the kids and we got to yell and wave!  That was a highlight!!!

I love my two worlds, but when they collide. . .look out!

And then while I'm semi-complaining, Moore, Oklahoma has just been demolished by a tornado and that puts things into perspective.  Thankfully we have no current staff from there. . . one girl lives nine miles from there and she'll be calling home soon.  My thoughts and prayers are in Oklahoma.  So sad.

Anyway, if you need me, I'm spinning plates and juggling knives that are on fire while trying not to wrinkle my paper dolls!


MarytheKay said…
I can completely understand and empathize!! AAAhhhhh!!!!! :-)

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